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Non-Surgical Liposuction

Non-Surgical Liposuction

For men and women interested in fat reduction and skin tightening Bense SurgiSpa offers a non-surgical liposuction program, which includes CoolSculpting, BodyFX (RF energy, which includes Fractora Forma the world’s best skin tightening technology) as well as Mesotherapy.

These are three excellent technologies that have proven ability to kill fat cells non-surgically, all working in different ways. For the absolute best result, greatest fat cell reduction in that localized collection, you do not like, combining these technologies will give you the absolute best results.

Technology for Permanent Fat destruction

No one technology dominates; therefore all these are offered in an affordable program that combines the best of the best treatments. CoolSculpting, BodyFx, and Mesotherapy are the most successful permanent fat reduction technologies, and all can be integrated into your customized non-surgical liposuction program.

Simultaneous Skin Tightening and Fat Reduction

Permanent fat reduction devices do not all tighten skin. It is critical to kill fat cells and tighten skin to have the best possible contour improvement. Bense SurgiSpa is unique in that it offers skin tightening with permanent fat reduction in the same coordinated program.

How do the fat reduction and non-surgical liposuction program work?

Two sessions, each one-hour per area, is often recommended for best results. Weeks 2-5 will see you get weekly new fat destruction technologies for fat busting and skin tightening. These include:

REMEMBER that it is important to tighten skin if you are killing fat or you run the risk of less fat but loose skin. At Bense SurgiSpa we use bulk heating radiofrequency technology to treat your unwanted, localized fat – a technology specifically designed to provide permanent fat reduction.

Skin contraction delivered at the same time as fat reduction is critical to provide the best possible contour result. Most clinics offer treatments that provide fat reduction but fail to tighten the skin, or others offer treatments that tighten skin but do not provide permanent fat reduction. The bulk heating of the underlying fat lowers the threshold for a process called electroporation. The BodyFx permanent fat reduction and skin tightening is part of a combined Bense SurgiSpa non-surgical liposuction program.

The combined CoolSculpting, BodyFX, and Mesotherapy, fat reduction program, is six weeks in duration. Treatments are performed once weekly for six weeks. During the 6-week program, there are two CoolSculpting and four BodyFx treatments. If skin tightening is not needed (younger, fit adult) we often add 2-3 sessions of Mesotherapy instead of BodyFx on week 2-5, as Mesotherapy will further enhance the amount of permanent fat reduction.

BodyFX: Each zone is treated for 20 minutes, up to 30% of fat cells exposed to BodyFX will undergo apoptosis and cell death. It takes approximately 20 minutes to treat an area of unwanted fat or cellulite, generally the size of two hands.

Most patients, who undergo a Bense SurgiSpa BodyFX™ non-surgical liposuction fat reduction program, see improved skin tightening and tone, as well as between 2-5 centimeters of circumferential reduction.

Recent studies show that, on average, each BodyFX St. John’s patient will see a permanent fat reduction of over 700 cc of focal fat per zone. In general, each treatment zone takes less than half an hour, and after six treatments, the average patient notices a decrease in one dress or pants size.

Patients who undergo the Bense SurgiSpa non-surgical liposuction, fat reduction program will achieve on average almost 5 cm of circumferential reduction of the abdomen and, recent studies show 700 cc of permanent fat reduction. In addition, skin tightening occurs with 15-20% more skin collagen produced.

Most Bense SurgiSpa non-surgical liposuction fat reduction patients can achieve between 2-6 centimeters of permanent fat reduction in the area of focal fat excess. Recent studies show that the average patient can achieve 700-800 cc of fat reduction, or permanent fat cell death, in each treated zone. The most common zones include the lower and upper abdomen, the hips and flanks (love handles), outer and inner thighs as well as arms and inner knees. A commitment to weight maintenance is necessary for our non-surgical liposuction patients to be successful as, just like in liposuction or tummy tuck surgery, to maintain one’s programmatic weight is to achieve a consistent, long-term permanent reduction.

The skin tightening that occurs from the radiofrequency devices we use will result in approximately 15-20% thickening of the dermis with new collagen and elastin.

Over time and as we age, the enhanced skin contraction that has been achieved will lessen and reduce, as enzymes break down the new collagen. It is important that a single bulk heating radiofrequency skin tightening treatment is performed every 3-4 months in the area of your focal fat contour to “protect your investment”, and maintain and achieve the tightest possible skin over your new contour.

Once you have had your personal consultation and been assessed, expectations discussed and understood, the specific areas of excess fat will be analyzed. Based on the location and amount of your unwanted fat, and the condition of your overlying skin a customized non-surgical lipo fat destruction program is created with you.

* Individual results may vary
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